3 Ways

Your Body

May Be Blocking Conception



 The missing critical factor:

You must focus outside the reproductive system in order to make changes TO your reproductive system.


Just as your body is made up of many different systems on the inside, your body itself is part of a bigger system:

the Mind/Body/Spirit Continuum.


The body is obviously integral, this is where pregnancy occurs.


And yet, the Mind and the Spirit components are also absolutely essential for conceiving.

But, these are most often left out of standard treatment protocols.


Your Mind and Spirit play a huge role in the ability to conceive.

Your Mind and your Spirit create physical changes in your body starting at the level of your cells.







Block #1:

Subconscious Mind

  your subconscious mind is making a lot of decisions for you.


Your mind is divided into two components: your Conscious brain and your Subconscious brain.


Your Conscious mind is the part of your brain that separates us from other animals.

This is the part of your brain that allows you to make conscious decisions – your "free will", if you will.

So, this part of your brain allows you to day dream, plan, look forward and backward in time, to set goals, to try something new – and more.

This is the "manual" control feature.


The other component of your brain is the Subconscious mind. This is the "automatic pilot" aspect of your mind.

This part of your brain is responsible for perceiving what is around you in your environment, translating it into chunks of information, and passing it on to your conscious mind so that you can take action on it.


Your subconscious mind is doing A LOT of work every single second.



The way the subconscious mind does this is to lay down rules. If the information matches the rule, then it gets passed onto your conscious mind. If the information doesn’t match, it gets discarded or filed away for a later time.


Where do the rules come from?

These rules can come from many different places.

Many of the rules were laid down when you were really young with information from your parents, grandparents, and teachers, really anyone who was around you at an early age.

You can also input new rules as you consciously rehearse something over and over again.

Something to keep in mind is that the subconscious mind doesn’t label any of its rules. In other words, there is no "right" vs "wrong" rule or "good" vs "bad" rule.

One the one hand, this system works really well because otherwise you would be trapped in the overwhelming amount of sensory data and information data that would be streaming through your mind at all times.

But on the other hand, what if the rules you learned were:

Pregnancy and birth are conditions to be frightened of because of all of the horror stories you heard from your Mom, Aunts, or Grandmother

You are supposed to be the responsible one

Learning from your child hood experiences that you aren’t good enough to get what you want

Responsibility means NOT having a baby

(until the time is just right)

Babies break up marriages

Babies are the ruin of your love life

Being a women means having to push really hard through barriers, to fight for what you deserve

You have to "stuff" who you are in order to "make it" financially in the world

People get sick and leave you

I don’t have control over my life

Other people have more power than me

It’s better not to get pregnant than risk losing a child to injury or death

Now, these may not sound rational to your conscious mind, but they may have been decisions made when you were little – or when your body thought this was the way to you safe.

These rules are the "beliefs" that can block your ability to conceive.

Your body’s primary job is to keep you safe.

If the rule is "responsibility means NOT having a baby" then your body will do what it can to NOT have a baby.


You may have picked up beliefs from your parents when you were too young to really even understand what was happening.

You made decisions about adult behavior from the point of view of a child.


Block #2

The effects of your EMOTIONS on fertility

Your cells have memories and respond to their environments

Where in your body do you experience emotions?

Perhaps the immediate answer is: my heart, my brain.

Maybe you even can think of experiencing them in your belly or gut.

The true answer to this question is: your whole body.

The way that your body expresses emotions is through the release of chemical messengers.

Every single cell of your body, every single organ of your body has receptors that are listening for these emotions.

So your entire body experiences emotions – your mind and your ability to process emotions is throughout your body.

What’s more is that these cells retain a memory of the emotion and the event.

And, when it is time for the cells to divide to make new cells? Those memories are part of the new daughter cells.

So, this is why all of your cycle failures can start to feel like they are weighing on you.

They are literally part of your entire body. This is why it is so hard to get out from under them.


You were probably taught that DNA is the most significant aspect of your cells in terms of determining how they act.

In actuality, the environment of the cell controls turning the DNA on or off.

This is why some people can have a gene that indicates a certain disease and not end up having that disease in their lifetime.


2. A cell’s environment determines whether that cell is in GROWTH mode or PROTECTION mode.


When it’s in growth mode, the cell is able to function optimally, doing exactly what it’s supposed to.

It’s able to fulfill its job and duties. When it’s in protection mode, it stops. It pulls back.


When you think about fertility, what does it fit best into, growth or protection? It fits into growth.


Biologically, this makes sense when you think about it.

Your body wouldn’t want to expend energy on conception would have to be spent surviving an imminent threat.


If you have underlying beliefs or thoughts that create emotions that put you more into protection mode, you have an unconscious pattern that sends your cells into a position where they can’t support conceiving.



Block #3:


The effect of your EMOTIONS on your fertility

Each emotion carries with it its own vibration.

Sadness and fear and hopelessness are low vibration emotions, while joy and happiness and hope are higher vibrations.

Physiologically, a low vibration and a high vibration

can`t exist in the same space.

More plainly: you can’t feel fear and joy at the same time.

So, if you have an area of your life – like dealing with fertility challenges – that is causing many low vibrations, you will find it harder and harder to experience high vibration emotions in OTHER areas of your life.

Not only does this impact your general sense of well-being, but it impacts your fertility.


When you feel the lower vibration emotions, it gets harder and harder to pull yourself out because physiologically you can’t feel high and low vibrations at the same time.

Your body retains memories of previous emotions. With more and more negative emotions, you can end up feeling worse and worse. This makes it even harder to move into higher vibration emotions

The more time you spend in a pattern of thought, the more rules you lay down in your subconscious.

This is in addition to the original beliefs that created the physical blocks to conception.

All of these lower emotions more firmly entrench your cells in PROTECTION mode.

And, all of this adds up to difficulty for your reproductive system.


Do you believe that you have the internal resources you need to handle your own life circumstances?


Do you believe that others keep you from being who you could be?

Do you have a sense of loneliness?


What emotions are you holding onto?

What kinds of "gunk" are you holding onto?


Do you feel a conflict between tending to your outer world needs and inner world needs?


How do your express creatively?

Where is your creativity blocked?



Think about the qualities of fertility:

rich, creative, sense of worthiness, sense of being in your own time and rhythm, connection with a sense of being part of something bigger than you.

What is flowing for you?

What is blocked?


Freeing up the blocks will enrich your fertility and your ability to conceive.