What is healing?

Healing is a treatment that in the popular tradition has been practiced worldwide for centuries.

The word healing is English and means "to make whole" or "cure".

Too many want the Norwegian word laying on of hands to be synonymous with healing.

A healer is a person who has a natural ability to transfer energy to other individuals, and thereby initiate or promote the healing process.

The energy that is transferred is normally not the healer's, but is channeled through the therapist from an outside source.

This occurs when the practitioner puts her hands on different places on the body of the person being treated, or it can work with the energy fields that surround the body (the different layers of the aura).

Man has in fact, in addition to his physical body,  an energy body that surrounds the physical body.

This energy field is often called the aura or the organic field, and consists of several layers with different properties.

Our consciousness, with all our thoughts and feelings, have a major impact on this energy body, and illnesses and imbalances can often be traced in the aura before they turn out as physical symptoms.

All people have a regulatory system that follows a network of invisible energy pathways in and outside the body, and to ensure that all parts of the human being is added a vital force with the strength and frequency to suit the specific energy pathways, and associated organs.

When energy flows freely in all these paths, the body works optimally.

It will have great resistance to negative influences and thus stay healthy.

If any of these energy pathways are blocked or come out of balance, the disease symptoms will occur.

Healers also believe that most diseases and symptoms are closely related to our lives and our freedom of thought and emotion.

What we call disease is therefore often blockages that interfere with energy flow in the aura or in the physical body.

Many healers can perceive these energy disruptions and lead to energy points to open up for the natural energy flow.

When the energy flows harmoniously, the physical body is brought back in natural balance.

Healing seems to rock on all our minds.

The optimal form of healing is when there is a healing of the inner level, when one feels that where it was before the turmoil and pain, has anything been healed.

One is when come one step closer to herself, and as a result of it, has also achieved a greater degree of physical health and wellbeing.

Healing is no miracle cure against disease, even though we often find that spontaneous healing occurs.

Healing is a natural method where the inner, self-healing processes are active, and a healer is someone who can help to initiate or enhance these processes.