I know it, but I don't know how I know it!


Shakespeare wrote "What a piece of work is a Man!" and few would suggest that we human beings exist only as a collection of flesh, bones and blood wrapped in skin.

Even though our physical body is the only one that we are able to see, touch, hear, taste and smell on the physical plane, we are all aware that there is so much more to every human being.

In fact, we actually have four bodies.

The physical body is the home for three other bodies

our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies 

all of which exist as energy fields, but are invisible to our five physical senses.


And just as we have five senses in the physical world, so we have four senses in the metaphysical or spiritual world.

These are the so-called 4 Clairs.


The most well known ability is Clairvoyance or literally

"Clear sight".

This is what is loosely called

"Psychic Ability".

The ability to "see the future",

what the Ancients used to call a "seer".

A Clairvoyant will literally see a picture of future events in front of their eyes.


Clairsentience is often called "Empathy".

An ability to sensing another's personal feelings going beyond just sympathy in to actual understanding of their emotional state and feelings.


Joan of Arc was perhaps the most famous exponent of Clairaudience, the ability to hear voices.


And over-seeing all others, as the first amongst equals is Claircognizance, "clear knowingness", the ability to know something without knowing how or why you know it.


Claircognizance can relate to the past, present or future (premonitions). A phrase you will often hear from people who have this ability is, "I don't know how I know, I just know."


An example of Claircognizance might be - You are on a train and overhear a stranger talking about their daughter. Immediately you know the girl's approximate age and that she is, or will be, a dancer. You cannot explain why, you just do.


Claircognizance does not seem to provide insights on one's own situation, but rather aids others.

Friends and acquaintances will typically gain much from a relationship with a claircognizant, as much good comes from paying attention to those gifted people.


Some go through life frustrated because they cannot understand how they get this information.

Although they always seem to know the answer, they cannot trust the information, because they do not understand the source.


Claircognizance provides guidance in the form of ideas, concepts and thoughts.

You do not see, hear or feel it, you simply know.

It is not like a 'gut-feeling' because it comes from the brain rather than the stomach.

Therefore it is less emotional, but should be just as stoutly defended.

When your intuition comes in the form of claircognizance, you must face the challenge to develop your confidence and faith in what you receive.


The location for this sense is on the top of the head, the Crown of Life Chakra.

Because their special ability is rooted in the brain, claircognizant people are usually good at problem solving, creating new ideas and understanding abstract concepts.

Other benefits of this Clair are accurate insight and successful idea generation.


Just as the brain is the organ that controls the body, so Claircognizance is doubly or triply powerful in combination with other "Clairs", for then it works in conjunction with all seven chakras inside the body.

Having all four "Clairs" working in conjunction with each other is the goal of all psychics and although it is challenging, should not be dismissed out of hand.


Meditating, stilling the mind and focussing on the Crown Chakra are the keys to developing this intuition.

Relaxing your thinking, rational mind and letting go of expectation frees up your knowing.


To improve your Claircognizant abilities follow the following procedure:


  • Find a quiet comfortable room in which to meditate.
  • The room should be light and airy. Natural light is obviously best, but artificial is acceptable.
  • You may wish to light scented candles or Joss sticks. Lighter fragrances, such as lavender are more suitable than heavier ones. White or pale blue candles are best.
  • Subdued mood music or silence will complete the mood.
  • Sit quietly in the middle of the space for about 2-3 minutes.
  • Close your eyes and centre yourself.
  • Focus your attention on the Crown of your head. You will not be able to see it, so come out of yourself until you outside your body and looking down on yourself from a distance of 2-3 feet.
  • Visualise a cone or speaker about a metre wide above your head. I always visualise something like a Wizards hat, but with a wider brim.
  • Open yourself to any impressions you receive, no matter how faint or unusual they may be. As something comes in to your mind move towards it and open yourself up to receive further information.
  • As you develop your abilities you will be able to direct your thoughts to a specific event or situation to predict specific things.
  • You should also be receptive to Claircognizance in your daily life. As impressions leap in to your head, take note of them and give them the freedom to develop and expand.
  • With practice your accuracy will improve and you will become one of those people who "just know".