We all have psychic experiences everyday.

Being psychic is not having some "Woo Hoo" abilities that one can only be born with.

For many of us, we do not have the words to describe this, what we are experiencing, thus allowing us to identify what we are experiencing "as psychic experiences".

There are many myths that surround our abilities to utilize our own psychic information.

Many people feel and acknowledge that they have intuitive abilities.

What they don't understand, is that the only difference between being psychic and using your intuition is the level of trust that you have that your intuition is correct.

Trust is a major component when working with your psychic abilities.

One must trust the information that is coming through, the feelings, the inner communication, the pictures, and the just knowing.

By not trusting, you are in essence invalidating the information that is coming through to you from your higher self, your guides, and the universe.

Some people find is easy to tune their frequencies in to the other side to 'see'.

Other people develop the skill with practice.


Some people become clairvoyant after a unique experience such as a Near Death Experience, ET Abduction, high fever, serious accident, blow to the head area, or opening of the kundalini energies.

Clairvoyance connects to the right side of the brain - the feminine, creative, and intuitive aspects.

That is why you may tend to feel physical sensations in on the left side of your body when you work clairvoyantly.

The energy enters in through the left side of your body so as to activate the right side of your brain.

Our psychic experiences are controlled by the chakras.

The chakras are energy centers within the body.

They are how we process information from the world around us.

Chakras can be likened to the aperture of a camera, in that they have the ability to open and close as they process information.

Clairvoyance is the ability to see pictures in your minds eye.

It is controlled by the 6th chakra, sometimes referred to as the 3rd eye. It is our ability to visualize, which should not be confused with our ability to trust or validate that what we are seeing.

It is the most important tool you will use as you develop your clairvoyance.

It is a tool in which we all use on a daily basis.

By working with your visualization skills, by flexing those visualization muscles, it will become easier for you to accept the information that comes in on psychic or clairvoyant levels.

Knowingness is an ability of the 7th chakra.

It is the ability tojust knowstuff.

The 7th chakra is located on the top or the crown of the head.

When you work with information on knowingness levels, you don't know how you know something, you just know.

Since the 7th chakra sits on the top of the head, the body and the other chakras do not have the opportunity to process the information involved.

You are saying something literally right off the top of your head.

This is your knowingness at work.

Opening your clairvoyant gifts has to do with DNA activation of your encoded cellular memories, activations of your chakras, raising your frequency, balancing your energy bodies, your self esteem and the ability to trust in what you 'hear' and 'see', your emotional state (clearing issues that block / or influence the information you get), expanding your knowledge base in all areas of 3D.

You can't read someone on a subject - or understand symbols on a specific subject if you have no knowledge of that subject.

The brain will have no way of interpreting the language into something you can understand.