Use of Ear candling or Otopati is a therapy with a long tradition.  The Europeans, Indians and Chinese have known about the technique for centuries.

Otopati seems soothing and relaxing by including ear infection, sinus inflammation, tinnitus, headaches, and colds.

Otopati treatment also removes ear wax in a comfortable and painless manner. Otopati provides a gentle pressure from below (kamineffekt) and vibration waves in the air from the candle, which occurs through the flame motion, seems like a gentle massage of the ear drum.

Decomposition products are detached and "carried" with the smoke up in the wax of light pipes, as a sort of "chimney effect".

There are, as far as I know, no negative side effects associated with this form of therapy, even if it is used often. For children, this is a pleasant and painless alternative to other treatments- and the method is also used to treat both chronic and acute ear infections.