Bubble of Protection


The most popular strategy of psychic protection creating a protective bubble or sometimes an egg around one self.

It is best to imagine a sense of feeling that you are inside a bubble, and that nothing negative can enter.

To proceed make sure that you are comfortable and relaxed.

To Earth yourself you must guide your breath to a rhythm that feels comfortable and relaxed.

See yourself and imagine being surrounded by a protective bubble or egg, which protects you from everything that is negative.

Allow yourself time to sense this bubble all around you.

Over your head, going down your back, and finally under your feet. Believe and sense that your own vibrations are deeply connected to you.

Sense that your own vibrations can exit through the coat of the bubble. Sense that the bubble is allowing good energies to flow through. Feel deeply relaxed in this protective environment.

Have a clear sense that you can not be influenced by unpleasant external energies cannot enter.

When you have established your bubble, breathing in slowly and exhaling white light ,sensing your warmth inside your body, breathing out slowly, believing that you are now positively connecting to the breath.

Fill your bubble with your own sense of self love and positive vibration. Count to ten with each breath.

Fill the bubble with any colour you wish to choose.

How does Blue feel to you?

How does pink feel?

Be experimental and try different colours perhaps a rainbow.

You may find at different times or in different situations, that different colours work better at any given time.

Colour is very much like your moods so therefore it can give a different vibration and inner knowing of how you are feeling.

For example if you feel drawn towards blue perhaps it's because you need to speak your truth, if you are drawn towards pink maybe it's time for you to accept unconditional love.

Keep experimenting and be patient with yourself as you practice this technique.

You may choose to see your Guardian Angel inside the bubble. You may want a religious symbol such as a cross or a five-pointed star or even a holy divine image of God and perhaps a connection of knowing that someone is with you such as your spirit guides.