There is no need to be sick

to benefit from healing


Most people will find healing very relaxing and comfortable.

There are people who keep coming back each month,

even if they have no pain, they find the sessions relaxing, and uplifting.


The Healing Session

During treatment you are fully dressed.

You will be listening to relaxing and soothing music.

You will also have a warm blanket over you, because you may feel colder when the energy starts to flow better.


People describe feeling a tingling sensation,

warming and coldness in their body when the energy work, but no discomfort.

There are others who don’t experience any of these sensations during the treatment.


After the Healing Session

After a treatment you may experience a worsening of your pain a day or two

before it decreases and disappears.

But don’t be alarmed because this is an indication of the body healing itself.


How many treatments needed, is individual

and depends on how much you want to work on your own to get better.


You don’t want to do things that will counteract the healing treatment.


A healer is a tool that can help you get in better balance.


YOU play the biggest part in keeping the body healthy.