Suggested daily menu

Breakfast: Smoothie made of banana, kiwi and blueberries. Oat porridge eaten with soy yogurt, raisins, cinnamon and nuts.

Lunch: Greek salad with feta cheese, avocado, olives and dried   tomatoes Spelled bread.

Dinner: Lemon Marinated cod fillet,oven grilled vegetables and brown rice

Snacks: roasted nuts, raw vegetables or fruit.




The body's major cleansing mechanisms:



Cleanses toxic substances.


Broccoli, beetroot, garlic, tomatoes, fennel, blueberries, red pepper.



Filters waste substances and flushing them out through urine. Regulate fluid balance.


Water, cranberry, fruit and vegetables, herbal tea and parsley.



Separating waste products through sweat and dead skin cells.


Water, fruit and vegetables, pumpkin seeds, cold pressed oils.


Lymphatic system:

The body's "trash run", transporting waste.


Water, dry brushing.


Bookmarks for those who want to purify the body:

Use a steam boiler by cooking, to retain most of the vitamins.

Buy organic if possible, to avoid pesticide residues.

Eat plenty of fruits and berries any time before or between meals to prevent flatulence.

Eat a lot of garlic, it's good for the immune system.

Enjoy a cocktail of fresh squeezed vegetable juice or smoothie mixed with fruits and berries when you want something extra.

Start your day with water and lemon.

Blend happy with grated, raw ginger to increase circulation.

In Winter, use boiling water, preferably with honey if you want sweetness.

Be sure to drink at least 1.5 liters of water every day to cleanse the body.

In order to speed the purification process and combustion, it is important to keep physically active.

Try to set aside at least half an hour per day for exercise five days a week.

Listen to your body if you have not exercised in a while.

Mix your own breakfast cereal of your favorite grain, seeds, nuts and dried fruits, or purchase ready mix without wheat.

Be sure to get enough proteins through beans, lentils and chick peas.

Tofu is made from soybeans and is a good substitute for meat.

Oily fish such as tuna may have high levels of lead, mercury and heavy metals.

During detox, it is better to eat vegetarian or stick to lean fish such as cod and pollack.

Serve with salad and brown rice, or pasta made from recorded or rice.



Fruit and vegetables

Bread and pasta without flour

Soy milk, nut milk, rice or goat's milk

Humus, fruits and nuts, fresh-pressed juices and herbal tea

Garlic, sprouts and fresh herbs Mager fish

Beans, lentils, seeds, brown rice and Quinoa


Cold-pressed oils, for example. olive, canola and linseed





          Meat and chicken          


Salt and sugar

Bread, bread and cakes

Cow's milk and products

made from cow's milk

Coffee, black tea, soft drinks

Alcohol and smoking

Butter, margarine   

Never go hungry


 Do not eat anything the last two hours before bedtime