Detox cell-spa


Get more energy.  

Neutralize free radicals.

Get better blood circulation.

Better combustion.

More oxygen in the blood and cells.

Sleep better.



Detox systems are related to electrolysis and used in

detoxification of the body through the feet, and thousands of

pores which will open when you put your feet in warm water

with a little salt in it. What is required to generate energy in the water and, to few ions to move in the body of water

(approximately 72% of body weight is water) through the

footbath. Iodine salt is required that we should able to

interpret where the body detoxfiseringen happens, Iodine required for it to be 2 + ions in a cell membrane, so that

toxins can be torn off by a negative ion when the device is facing. The machine control power operate in sequence.

detoxification, it will continue after treatment is completed by the body drains out toxins / toxins through the

body's drainage systems.